Junior Golf

Junior Golf

Could your child be a champion golfer? Introduce your child to the game of golf as early as possible. Champions have been known to start golf as early as three years old.

Many adults approach me to learn how to play golf because they need golf as a means of entertaining their business colleagues and clients. Once started, they always tell me how they regret that they did not take up the game at an earlier age.

In the regular Junior Clinics, there are children of 4 years and older already swinging beautifully and hitting the ball really well.

Children need to play with their peers; as much fun as it is for Dad to take his son or daughter with him to the range, it is really discouraging to the youngster, his father booms drives further than the little person can even see. At our junior clinics your child will meet new friends of a similar age.

All the champions started golf at an early age. Maybe your son or daughter has the potential to become a world-champion. Give him or her the chance to find out. It could be the best investment you ever made for their future.

Keep your children close to nature. Introduce them to the game of golf!

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