Young Golfers

 1. NAME 
The name of the organization shall be "Young Golfers" hereinafter referred to as Young Golfers. The organization will be a non profit organization and registered as such.

The offices of Young Golfers shall be located at the physical home address of Bryan Roelofsz being 18 Mc Naughton Road, Illiondale, Edenvale, Gauteng.

Unless inconsistent with the context, the following words / phrases / titles shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this clause: 

3.1 Young Golfers shall mean the members defined in Clause 5 and its sub-clauses. 

3.1.2 The Executive committee shall mean the committee in 7.1 below. 

3.2 Rules of Golf shall mean the current rules of golf as approved by the R and A. 

3.2.1 Junior Golfers shall mean golfers between the ages of 3(three) years and 23(twenty three) years of age up to and including the child's birthday, broken down into 13 (thirteen) categories: 

3.3.1 Ages 5 (five) and under 

3.3.2 Age 6 (six) years 

3.3.3 Age 7 (seven) years 

3.3.4 Age 8 (eight) years 

3.3.5  Age 9 (nine) years 

3.3.6  Age 10 (ten) years 

3.3.7  Age 11 (eleven) years 

3.3.8  Age 12 (twelve) years 

3.3.9  Age 13 (thirteen) years 

3.3.10 Age 14 (fourteen and 15) years 

3.3.11 Age 16 (sixteen) years 

3.3.12 Age 17 and 18. (seventeen and eighteen) 

3.3.13 Age 19 to 23. 

Each age group plays off a distance suitable for his age. Each Age group should get at least three prizes. 

The Executive committee reserves the right to allow a junior golfer to play in a higher age group as it deems so fit. The player's parents need to apply for this privilege on a formal written application to be considered by the Executive. This can be reversed to the original age group at the discretion of the Executive 

Girls of the different age groups will play off the age group distance markers of boys one year younger. 

3.4 Disciplinary Code shall mean the Young Golfers publication setting out the lodging of grievances and the disciplinary measures to be taken in the event of any violation or reporting of any contravention of this Constitution, the Rules of Golf or any golf courses rules and regulations governing conduct. 

3.5 Affiliation to Young Golfers shall mean each region other than Gauteng Central that have paid Annual fees to the Young Golfers Executive. 

3.6 Membership to Young Golfers shall mean each junior golfer of which ever province that is affiliated to Young Golfers. 

3.7 Words and expressions, importing the singular shall include the plural and any reference to one gender shall include reference to the other. 


4.1 To promote junior golf in South Africa including those disadvantaged Young people that have not had the opportunity to experience the game. 

4.2 To provide the best coaching and training to junior golfers and parents relating to Etiquette and Rules of Golf by Members of the P.G.A. of South Africa. 

4.3 To provide basics for these coaches from the book “Simply Golf” written by Bryan Roelofsz, ensuring junior golfers enjoy a high level of consistent training. 

4.4 To negotiate with golf courses to provide time on their Golf course for our Young Golfers to play without interference from Club members. 

4.5 To negotiate with golf courses for Tournament tee off times for Young Golfers. 

4.6 To shorten the Golf course for the various age groups mentioned above to the First Tee, and other US junior tournament specifications. 

4.7 To educate Parents to allow the Young Golfers to grow in the sport without being
"pushed" to become champions. 

4.8 To encourage Young Golfers to learn the skills of Integrity, Honesty, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Courtesy, Etiquette, Good Judgement and Perseverance. These skills will contribute to make these children upstanding citizens and examples to their peers in their communities. 

4.9 To make Young Golfers through the medium of good coaching, proficient on the golf course, with an understanding of the Rules and Etiquette of the game of golf and to give them every opportunity to be known on the World arena of Golf. 

4.10 To promote golf to underprivileged Young people via P.G.A professional training throughout the regions. Young Golfers Executive to select participants and make available revenue generated from sponsorship. 

4.11 To stage qualifying tournaments locally and nationally to find the best Young Golfers in South Africa that could compete in major junior tournaments throughout the world. 

4.12 To find sponsors for these players to participate in other countries. 

4.13 To expand to all cities of South Africa. 


5.1 An application for membership must be made in writing to the junior golfers’ specific region 


5.2.1 An initial membership fee of R 700.00 per player is payable to Young Golfers Executive committee on acceptance. 

5.2.2 An annual membership fee of R 500.00 per person is payable to the Young Golfers Executive committee. This fee includes membership, handicap card and other benefits. 

5.2.3 Membership renewals to be adjusted annually by the Executive if necessary. 

5.2.4 Where juniors are unable to afford the membership fees, the Executive committee shall have the discretion to lessen such fees or to waive them. 


6.1 An application from interested PGA Professionals for affiliation must be made in writing to Young Golfers Executive. 


6.2.1 An initial affiliation fee of R 70.00 (10%) per person is payable to the Young Golfers Executive. 

6.2.2  An annual affiliation fee of R 50.00 (10%) per person is payable to the Young Golfers Executive. 


7.1    Chairperson of meetings 

7.1.1  At all meetings of Young Golfers whether the Executive Committee or in a General Meeting such meetings will be presided over by the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson, failing him the Treasurer. In the event of all three not being present, those present shall elect a chairperson for the duration of that meeting. 

7.2 Executive Committee 

7.2.1  An Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of Young Golfers. The office bearers of the Executive committee shall be adult members of good standing and shall consist of:






A minimum of 6(six) executive members
The Executive committee can co-opt new members as it deems fit. 

7.3    Sub Committees 

The executive will appoint the following sub committees whose responsibility will be to ensure the standards and expectations of the Executive are met. 

Tournament committee 

Finance committee 

Media committee (including website, newsletters, press release, TV) \

Marketing and sponsorship committee  

Development committee 

Each sub committee shall be headed by a duly elected Chairperson elected by the members of the sub committee. 


8.1 The Executive committee and /or co-opted members are empowered by Young Golfers to promote the affairs of Young Golfers by whatever means available to them, this includes finding and accepting sponsorships, advertising, web site and media promotions. 

8.2 Managing the affairs of Young Golfers should be done by a Manager who will be paid for his duties. 

8.3 Prior approval for expenditure over R 250.00 (Two Hundred and fifty rand) must be acquired from the chairperson and failing him the treasurer. 

8.4 Should the number of Executive Committee members fall below 4 (four) the remainder may at their discretion co-opt such other person or persons as they may deem necessary, to fill any vacancy or vacancies however caused. 

8.5 All Executive Committee members are to be elected annually with nominations being made at the Annual General meeting. 

8.6 A Secretary shall be appointed annually by the Executive committee. 

8.7 The resolution for proposals and expenses must be presented at each meeting for approval by the Executive committee and requires a two third majority to be approved. 

8.8 The Young Golfers Executive committee shall meet at predetermined times to ensure the duties and functions are maintained to meet the objectives of the Young Golfers organization.

8.9 The quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting shall be six members.  


9.1 The business to be conducted at the AGM shall be: 

9.1.1 To consider and confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and of any Special General Meeting(s) held since the date of the previous AGM. 

9.1.2 To receive and consider the report of the Chairperson and the reports of the chairpersons of the sub committees.  

9.1.3 To receive and consider the report of the Treasurer for the previous year subject to official audit by and independent auditing firm approved by the Executive committee. 

9.1.4 To elect office bearers and members to the executive committee and Sub-committees. 

9.1.5 To conduct any other competent business normally transacted at an AGM. 

9.1.6 The quorum for the AGM shall be 60% of the members entitled to vote. Should no quorum be present at the start of the meeting, the chairperson shall adjourn for one half hour. Those present once the meeting reconvenes shall be the quorum.


The power to amend this constitution shall be 66.67% (sixty six and two thirds percent) majority vote of the persons present in person at a Special General Meeting,
provided always, that a written notice of such proposed amendment is given to each member at least 21 days prior to the date of the duly constituted meeting.