Young Golfers

After much frustration with little golfers not being allowed on golf courses, I decided to start an organization to get these little ones onto golf courses. I was a founder member of Little Kids Golf.  I resigned from the Little Kids Golf to continue my dreams of getting all these Super-Juniors into competitive play.

No one had yet put these young golfers on a golf course in South Africa with holes playing a length that is suitable for their age.

My Vision Statement:
To expose more than 5,000 children to Golf in South Africa within 5 years, and to give these children an environment whereby they can learn integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, confidence, courtesy, etiquette and good judgement, which will contribute to make these children upstanding citizens and examples to their peers in their communities.

My Mission statement:
To make Young Golfers, through the medium of correct coaching, proficient at the golf course, with an understanding of the Rules and the Etiquette of the game of golf, and to give them opportunities to be known on the world arena of golf.

Goals and objectives
1.To expose golf to as many young golfers as possible.
2.To teach young golfers the Etiquette, including dress code, and Rules of golf.
3.To teach Parents to teach their children.
4.To coach these young golfers and make them better players.
5.Finding potential Super Junior stars and assist them to become great players in the world arena.