The Correct Lesson

The Correct Lessons

The correct lessons enable the pupil to:
1. Understand the simplicity of the swing.
2. Understand the "Power Source."
3. Understand the equipment.
4. Get started with:
a) The Correct Posture
b) The Correct Grip
c) The Correct Alignment
5. Use your natural swing from the beginning with minimum technical swing thoughts.
6. Strike the ball.
7. Swing with short irons.
8. Swing with medium irons.
9. Swing with long irons.
10. Swing with woods.
11. Putt. (The game within the game: In fact the most important part of the game).
12. Chip. (Bump and run as in putting)
13. Play finesse wedges and pitches.
14. Play sand shots (including various lies, distances and surfaces).
15. Execute trouble shots.
16. Draw the ball.
17. Fade the ball.
18. Play high shots.
19. Keep the ball low.
20. Have better ball control.

The above serves as a basis for the course of lessons, which should take one from a novice to an accomplished golfer in the least time possible.

Depending on the ability of the student, it is safe to say that with practice, coaching and dedication, a beginner golfer can reach a 12 handicap within 12 to 18 months.

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