June 2014

Dear  Bryan

From both Kayle and I would like to thank you for the tremendous work you have done with Kayle’s swing.

He competed in the European Championships and  improved by almost 15 places from last year’s tournament.

We played with a Golf Coach from France who owns a golfing academy and gave nothing but praise to Kayle’s swing.

Things that stood out for him was:

1)      Kayle’s consistent pre-shot routine.

2)      His putting pre-shot and stroke.

3)      Bump and runs with such ease.

4)      His confidence attacking the greens with deadly accuracy.

5)      Most importantly his got the best technical swing he has seen amongst the boys competing in the 8-11 year old category.

What was very exciting for me was that groups finishing ahead of us, would walk back to watch Kayle swing saying his a pure striker of the ball.

It was a real pleasure watching Kayle play and elevate so quickly and looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

— Derek Wykes
Thanks Derek,

That is exceptional feedback!
It is all the hard work that Kayle has been putting in that is starting to pay off now.

Keep on putting in the good work!



During January 1988, while on holiday with my family, I went for a putting lesson with Bryan Roelofsz at Rustenburg Golf Club.

At the time I was the reining South African Amateur Champion.
I was hitting the ball very well, but I was struggling to shoot low scores because of my putting.

Bryan gave me a putting lesson where he worked on my alignment and stroke.
It all made sense to me and a few days later I shot a course record of 62 at Rustenburg Golf Course because of the improvement in my putting.

After I turned Pro, Bryan met me in Pretoria and we also worked on my swing.
Bryan showed a caring attitude and taught with the obvious passion of a person that loves the game and enjoys seeing his pupils excel.

I am available for any more information if needed.

Golf Greetings 

— Ben Fouchee


I first met Bryan Roelofsz about a year ago (2007) when I googled golf coaching and found his website, Golf Specialist. I phoned Bryan and made an appointment to see him with regards coaching and he had already set up a coaching clinic for kids. Since then Bryan has been coaching my then 4 year old boy, Brandon, who has just turned 6. He first started in a group of kids and has now moved on to private lessons.

Bryan has been instrumental in growing the game of golf amongst our youth in the country and started up the Little Kids Golf setup and has now moved on to Young Golfers, where monthly tournaments are held on various courses in the Gauteng region. 

Brandon can't wait to go to his coaching sessions and lives for playing the tournaments that are arranged. He has progressed from scoring in the high 50's for 9 holes to a best of 40 and has now won many tournaments in the U7 age group. 

Ashley, his older brother became a scratch golfer at the age of 16, then lost interest due to a number of disappointments including moving to Cape Town to a golf academy, however became disillusioned due to the fact that no school work was being done.
He came back to Johannesburg however did not get back into golf until I took him to Bryan who assisted in changing his attitude and outlook and got him interested again and now goes to private coaching with Bryan on a weekly basis and intends going into a sports management degree and PGA diploma in 2009. Ashley says that he has never come across a coach that goes with a natural swing and refines that rather than changing the entire swing and really enjoys his coaching sessions. 

I recommend Bryan without hesitation. 

Andrew Weir

— Andrew Weir
For more information on Brandon's swing visit:



I started playing golf when I was 28. I hacked around for the first year, not managing to break 100. I realised I needed coaching and saw three different coaches, all of who were great golfers sporting pro golf swings. I found that they could explain what was wrong with my swing, but had a hard time getting me to correct it. I did manage to break 100 after some coaching, but the improvements were marginal. When I met Bryan a year and a half ago I was playing off a 22. Bryan gave me thoughts I could understand and work with - thoughts and ideas that made a difference to my I swing, the way I hit the ball and the way I played the game. Bryan's deep understanding of the golf swing and vast experience in the game of golf don't make him a better golfer than any other of the coaches I saw - but they make him an infinitely superior teacher. I dropped from a 22 to a 16 in the first four months under Bryan's tutelage, and am playing off a 12 a year later. I am positive that I'd be playing off single figures had I been more committed to training and practicing over the period - I've only seen Bryan about twice a month for eight of the last eighteen months, At his current rate, working with a mediocre student, Bryan has taken more than a stroke off my handicap every month...that's compelling. I've recommended Bryan to all my golfing buddies. I've bought my mate golf lessons with Bryan as a birthday present. Bryan coaches my girlfriend (who after five lessons acquitted herself fairly at Goose Valley). Bryan guides my equipment decisions. I would recommend him as a great golfer, tutor, friend and human being.  

Manuel Greenland

— Manuel Greenland


Alex van der Merwe's achievements

I first met Bryan Roelofsz in December 2005 when my boy Alexander van der Merwe wanted to start playing golf. I contacted him and we made an appointment at the Wendywood driving range. I wanted to see him and discuss coaching for Alexander and get his feedback about Alexander. I have discussed Alexander with previous coaches and all they replied were that he was too young.

When we arrived he was already busy with a coaching clinic for kids. He informed me of the coaching clinics he has on Saturdays for groups and also the individual lessons for more advanced kids. Immediately after the first lesson he advised me that Alexander is more advanced and should rather get individual lessons. Since then Bryan has been coaching Alexander from the age of 4 years old.

From day one I could see that Alexander was enhancing his game of golf due to the fact that in the first World qualifier for the Pepsi Little Peoples Tournament in the USA, Alexander won this age division of 6 and under at the age of 4, and furthermore has done it every year.

Bryan has been committed from day one to develop the game of golf amongst our youth in the country. He furthermore started up the Littlekids Golf organisation and then started Young Golfers, where monthly tournaments are held on various courses in the Gauteng region.

One thing I have noticed, Alexander will always listen to Bryan and must compliment him in the way he talks and communicate with all the children at their group sessions on Saturdays and during the week. Even Arnoux at the age of 3 can’t wait to go with his brother to his coaching sessions with Bryan.

Every year Alexander has gone overseas, Bryan has always given us a plan for the training sessions and practice rounds. I am sure that Alexander would have done much better if Bryan has been there to smooth out those little faults which I as a parent could not pick up.

I hereby would like to include the details re the history and competitions Alexander van der Merwe has played since he started with Bryan in 2005.

1.     In June 2006 we went to Quincy, Illinois in the USA where he played in the Pepsi Little Peoples Tournament against the rest of the world. There were 960 kids from all over the world. This tournament is the 3rd biggest in the world and he played an excellent game. The tournament for his age group was played over two days on a par 19 course that was specially designed for their age group. He finished the rounds respectively in 17 shots on the first day and 16 on the second day. His total score were 33 over the two days.

2.     He won the Pepsi Little Peoples Tournament with 5 shots and he broke the international record with 4 shots.

3.     He further played in the International mixed 3-2-1 competition that was made up by Americans and other players around the world. His team won this competition in a play-off over 3 holes. They played in an International mixed scramble competition that was made up the same team mates, and they also won.

4.     After Quincy, we left for Bloomington, Illinois where he was entered into the Country Youth Classic which is the 4th largest tournament in the world for 12 years and younger. This tournament he won by 13 shots over 2 days and also won the international putting competition.

5.      The Littlekidsgolf tour keeps a record and order of merit point system for the kids who play during the year and during 2006 Alexander came 2nd on the order of merit log in South Africa.

6.     On the 7th October 2006 the Littlekids Golf committee and the SAGF awarded him the trophy for player of the year award for the age group 12 and younger in South Africa. He shared this title with aged 12.

7.     In January 2007 he played in the world qualifier at Eagle Canyon and qualified to play in the US Kids Junior World Championships at San Diego and in the Callaway Junior World Championships at Pinehurst, North Carolina in the U.S.A. The tournaments will take place in July and August 2007.

8.     During his trip to the USA in 2007 he achieved the following tournaments:

12th Place US Kids Junior Golf World Championships.
12th Place Callaway Junior Golf World Championships.
5th Place US Kids State of California Tournament in Los Angeles.
5th Place US Kids State of North Carolina Triad Tournament in Jamestown.
2nd Place US Kids State of Nevada Tour Championships in Las Vegas.

Alexander was nominated for the 2nd year in a row as Junior golfer of the year with the following nominations:

2nd Place Order of Merit  Total Points.
1st Place winner of Order of Merit Average Points.
2nd Place Order of Merit Average strokes per event.
3 wins on Littlekidsgolf Tour.
5 top 3 finishes on Littlekidsgolf Tour.
12th Place US Kids Junior Golf World Championships.
12th Place Callaway Junior Golf World Championships.
5th Place US Kids State of California Tournament in Los Angeles.
5th Place US Kids State of North Carolina Triad Tournament in Jamestown.
2nd Place US Kids State of Nevada Tour Championships in Las Vegas.

9.     In 2008 he represented his country again in the USA and played in
the US Kids Junior Golf World Championships and came 5th in this Championships. Afterwards he joined the USA Kids Summer Tour and played in a further 4 tournaments where he won 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals.

10.                       At the prize giving in October 2008 Alexander was nominated again for golf player of the year.

We would like to compliment Bryan on his achievements with Alexander and will surely refer any other people to him without hesitation.

If there is any more questions and answers you need, do not hesitate to contact me.

Hardus van der Merwe

— Hardus van der Merwe