The game within the game: By far the most important part of the game. Putting constitutes at least 40% of your score

Golfing legend, Ben Hogan, started putting badly and claimed the game of golf should end with the golf shot after it landed on the green: Scoring would be according to how close the ball was to the pin, something akin to darts. 

Putting well wins tournaments and matches, saves shots and keeps your morale up. Putting badly is the most debilitating experience you can have on a golf course.

Book a lesson to find out and experience your natural putting stroke and feel.

Learn how to use your senses to:

1.Read the breaks
2.Feel the pace
3.Line up correctly
4.Stand correctly
5.Address the ball
6.Hole those important putts.
Learn the importance of the pre-shot routine and ritual before making your putting stroke.