Golf Can Be Fun

Improve your golf dramatically

Your leisure time should be fun!!!

Do not waste leisure time by struggling to hit the ball well and playing frustrating golf.

Get out on to the golf course and enjoy the tranquility of nature, experience the excitement of a well hit shot that arches towards the pin.

Time is money; go with your leisure time and enjoy it by playing great golf. A well played game of golf is really fun.

Understand the challenges, the satisfaction of a well executed shot, the etiquette, and the mind of the game.

Do not carry on regardless, make the decision today that will change your golfing life drastically.

I guarantee that you will improve dramatically and have fun on the golf course. Take one lesson and see immediate improvement, then ask about my course specials. RESULTS GUARANTEED

Coaching takes place at Dimension Data Campus (Bryanston), Wits Driving Range (Reikes Rd), The Tin Cup and Panorama Driving Range (Alberton).

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